What Do Attorneys Think During Jury Selection

Almost every adult in the United States will be called for jury duty at some point in their life. Fortunately for some, just because you have been called doesn’t mean that you will have to serve on a jury. Not only are many potential jurors weeded out because of how they answered the questionnaires, but they may also be eliminated later on during a jury selection los angeles ca process.

There are certain thinks that attorneys will be looking for during this process in the potential jurors. They will not be picking who they would like to see on the jury, instead, they will be picking who they don’t want to be in the jury. There are certain factors that can have a huge impact on potential opinions during a trial based on their background and experiences. Here are just a few of the things that attorneys keep in mind during jury selection.

Your Experience With The Legal System

Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to law enforcement and the legal system in general. Some people are more opinionated than others when it comes to this based on their own personal experiences and relationships. Jurors tend to base their opinions on their own experiences and studies show that about half of the time that jurors spend deliberating is spent talking about their own lives. This can cause a fair amount of bias so they will ask certain questions to get a feel for their levels of trust for law enforcement and other subjects. The people that the plaintiff’s side chooses will most likely trust the law more while the defendant will want people who they see to be more open-minded about what could have happened.

What You Do On The Internet

More and more often you are hearing about people losing their jobs or not being hired for a position because of something that they have done on the internet. Social media can say a lot about somebody and you may not want everyone to know all of it. From comments on news sites to groups on facebook, attorneys can figure out things about you concerning certain issues, your favorite food, and your political affiliations. All of this can paint a pretty in-depth portrait about how you might feel about the case that is going to be tried.

Body Language And Appearance

How you dress and style yourself can speak volumes about someone. Potential jurors with casual hair, including facial hair, are thought to be more receptive and open to ideas. Wearing flashy clothes and pointed shoes is also a good way to be chosen out of the jury. Attorneys tend to choose jurors who look conservative and comfortable while still looking put together. One of the most important things concerning juror selection is body language. People can say a lot about something but it doesn’t necessarily mean that any of it is true. They may not be able to read your mind, but they can get an idea of what you are thinking.